Thursday, June 24, 2010

As the time comes to say goodbye...

So, if any of you have ever been related to the military in anyways, you know that there are certain times a year when goodbyes happen more often than other. Typically around the seasons. Summer is one of them. A big one of them.

It just so happens right now that I know a few of my friends that are getting ready to get out and head back home. :\ I've worked with some of these folks for 4 years, and we've got all these new people coming in, and suddenly I'm finding myself faced without the comfort of the people I've known and worked with for 4 years. It's always sad to say goodbye, but it's the inevitable part of the military life. Sad, but true. The military life takes us in all different directions sometimes, it's a mystery where we'll end up at times. I'm definately going to miss a lot of those familiar faces, those faces you joke with, partied with, laughed with, vented with......

And, for's a time that the resident doctors PCS on to become staff doctors wherever the Air Force sends them. We just so happen to be losing out primary care manager as he was a 3rd year resident this year. We've seen him since he was a 1st year resident! When I found out I was pregnant with Emilyn, I knew that I wanted him to be my OB. I went through leaps and bounds to have him be my OB. I knew I didn't want anyone else, so I had my friend find him for me and ask him personally because I was already "randomly" assigned one like most people. Besides, resident can only have so many pregnant patients being Family Medicine. But, he agreed. He supported me when I wanted a VBAC. He called me and had me personally come so he could explain that things didn't look good on the U\S 20 minutes after I had left radiology! He sent me to receive the extra care and U\S by specialists. He was very honest when I became a high risk patient, and never ever took the slightest risk. He answered his phone while he was on leave when the specialists saw an issue with me to discuss it. When he was away on a retreat and I ended up delivering my daughter emergency prematurely, he called me that night to check on me, came in early the next morning....Let me not forget specifically that the folks at Maternal Fetal Medicine felt I needed to be in the care of someone who was a specialized OB, but I argued with them, and said no, no one else would do my care. I'm 200% confident that if it were not for him and his close attention to detail, my daughter would not have been born as healthy, or she may not have survived at all. He was able to deal with my stubbornness. And then of course everything he has done for my daughter.....walking her in when I couldn't get an appointment with him, he was on top of everything!!! And he never got frustrated with my C-Section healing slowly!!! And he even made a "house call" for JayJay. He gave me advice from a doctors standpoint, and as a parent as well. Something most people don't do. He was absolutely amazing, and a one of a kind doctor. He made a huge impact on my family's life, and we'll never forget everything he's done for us. Definately sad to see him leave. When my kids and I had our final appointment with him, I cried. But, I took the time to write him a thank you letter and card to let him know how appreciated he is. And he took the time to email me and say THank You. He took the time to let me know that it meant a lot to him. How many people will do that?

I guess that's the life of the military though...goodbyes become a part of the routine, but they never seem to get easier. However, some people leave footprints in our hearts that we will cherish forever.

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