Saturday, June 19, 2010

Base experience!

So, we finally bit the bullet and decided to move on base. After living off base for 4 years and renting, we decided that with 2 kids.....we needed somewhere that a year from now the owners don't turn around and tell us they need to move back because their other home is foreclosing, or that they have decided to sell because they can now make money....or for whatever other reason. Most leases around here are eithe 6mos or 1yr. Some let you extend after that time frame, and well others don't. Moving is always a pain in the rear to begin with. Packing, unpacking....blah blah blah. So, since living on base in now privatized, it's almost like renting, which means that they'll take my BAH and my husband gets to keep his! Plus there's not paying for electricity or water.....BONUS! So we're pocketing all my husbands BAH, worth it! And not to mention that the new houses on base are nice.

But, moving on base also takes some getting used to. We used to have a 4 bedroom house, and now we only have a 3 bedroom, and since the house we're actually moving into isn't finished yet we're in a temporary one...which is quite cramped. And let me tell you it is absolutely beyond frustrating, especially since we're not all the way unpacked. Things are still everywhere and I feel like everything is in the way. With 2 kids and a husband, in a small 3's cramped beyond belief. I can't go anywhere to get time to myself.

Not to mention the husband and I have been fighting absolutely nonstop lately. Mostly it's about stupid stuff anyways....about not doing something the way it was supposed to, about not taking my my advice every so often. I feel like he does an amazing job at making me feel like a complete idiot.

I feel like my stress level is through the roof lately and I need a fresh start! I'm thinking haircut/highlights since I got these new clothes to boost self confidence....not that my husband notices. :(

Otherwise, my supervisor comes back off leave this Monday! FINALLY! It was a long 2 weeks without her trying to do everything myself. I really felt like I was running around like a chicken with no head. Pretest for this person here, need to make a new pretest here. EOC here, staff slides there, training notes there.....and the list goes on....for a flight of over 200 people. And of course certain parts of management don't think I can do the job....which just makes me feel like a complete failure or idiot....I can't decide. I know I know my job, I just wish people would give me some credit. It's not like the TSgt actually does the training notes, or updates certain things...I do! But, who gets the sure as hell isn't me. I'm lucky if I can even get a hello, how are you when passing in the hall... Oh the beauty the is all politics.

I guess I'll end it on that note.

Happy fathers day out there to all the dads, even though it's mainly mommys reading this....and happy fathers day to those single mommies who do it all alone.

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