Thursday, July 22, 2010


Whew! What a long and tiring and exhausting week! It's been an exercise week for us. I'm sure anyone that is military, was military, is a military spouse, brat or otherwise knows what I'm talking about. So far this week I've worked 50 hours in 4 days, with no lunch. roughly about 12.5 hours a day....And the week isn't even over yet. I'm mentally and physically exhausted and just burnt out! I am definately ready for the weekend, and I sure hope tomorrow goes by quickly....

My backs also been killing me lately. Hardcore! It's been like this now for 3 weeks. Unless I take painkillers, I'm in massive amounts of pain.....and that's not fun. So, it looks like I'll be trying to get an appointment tomorrow to try and see the doctor.

Emilyn has been going to bed as soon as we get home this week. We've been letting Jayden stay up slightly past his usual bed time so that he gets in some play time and gets to see us for a little bit. It's thrown off his schedule a little, but I guess being a military family, you just learn that these things will have to happen every once in a while. The entire family learns to make sacrifices.

So, this week at school for JayJay was crazy week! Everyday was something different. Monday was crazy hair day. So we spiked his hair and had blue dye in it, and we had him wear a shirt that said Reality TV Star. I thought it was too funny with the blue hair. Tuesday was Jersey day! He wore a Niners shirt, and Emilyn wore a Niners Cheerleader outfit. I just thought it was cute to have them match. Wednesday was hat day, so Jayden wore a Yankee's shirt and a Yankee's hat! Today was mix match shoe day. So he wore a white shock, and a black shock....Of course he wore black shorts with white plaid, and a white polo. Had to make sure he was still fitted out! Tomorrow is PJ day. He's got Buzz Lightyear PJ's to wear!

I don't know what it is, but my kids always, ALWAYS, always have to be the best dressed all the way around. Everything has to match and go together. I've been like that since Jayden was born. When it comes to them, everything has to be the best. I'm not like that with myself.....but I am with them. And I know, I'm probably just creating monsters for then they get older.

I got my first pedicure the 4th of July was awesome! So, I went again last Saturday and got another one. It feels sooo good, especially after spending all week in boots. I'll probably go again this weekend too. I know it's only been a week, but after a week like this, I feel like I need one. It's a complete destressor for me. I can't believe I had never had one before. I used to go have my nails done on the rare occasion, but I just can't handle having the fake nails. I don't know how to function with any sort of long nail.....and I don't even get them that long. LOL. But a pedicure....that's right up my alley.

But, I think bed is calling my name! Early I know....but I took my muscle relaxer and some pain medication, the very last it's time to let my body rest for the evening.

I'm just waiting on the glorious phone call that says ENDEX!!!! Oh how that would make things amazing! I'm ready to go back to normal shifts.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taking time to smell the coffee...

So, as we have Jayden's best friend over tonight while her mommy is at class, and her daddy is playing softball....we decided to take them to the park. It's not a new thing for us to have her over here....We watch her foten, and we love it. It's so fun to see how she interacts with Emilyn, and especially finny to watch her and Jayden play. I watch her and wonder what Emilyn will be like when she's that age. They are both so loving towards Emi, so it's wonderful.

I'm not sure what sparked this tonight as we were at teh park behind the house getting out some energy, but I started thinking....I started thinking about all those precious moments we have with our children and how quickly they pass by. How quickly they grow up, and how quickly children these days seem to lose their innocence.

I was taking pictures of all of them playing....and I caught this one picture of Emilyn. She wasn't quite looking at the camera, the wind had her hair, and she was smiling so big. It was at that moment and time I stopped for a few moments and realized just how precious life is, just how much of a miracle baby she is, just how lucky we are to have her. Seriously though. When push comes to shove....if I would have been pregnant with her for even one more day, she might not have survived. My amniotic fluid levels were way too low, and there was way too much pressure on her umbilical cord. If it weren't for the 2 doctors that I received care from, I don't know where I'd be today. They did so much for me, and I'll never be able to repay them. Thank you is all I can say, but it's not enough. There will never be enough words to express just how lucky I am that I had them.

I guess what sparked this whole reminiscince today was a conversation I was having with one of my friends. We try to meet once a week if not more for lunch...and we are able to talk and get things off....just confide and laugh with each other. It's a great mid day stress relief to the work day. So we were talking today about dates that we will never ever forget. Yes, there is your wedding day, the day your kids are born.....but what about those other unforseen events that are life changing? Those maybe not to happy go lucky events... Her's was when her husband was in a major car accident. He was soooo lucky he survived, because if you were to see the truck, you'd wonder how he made it through. He's had a loooong road to recovery and hopefully just had his 9th and final surgery for this year. She went through all that basically alone. With her daughter who was still under 6 mos at the time, and her son who was 9. She'll never forget the call she received from CHP, and I'll never forget the call I received from her right after. I feel blessed that I was the first call she made after his mother. I feel blessed she felt she could lean and turn to me.

Mine, well mine was August 28th 2009. I had my U/S that day. Directly after the U/S I went to the promotion ceremony to see my friend who was going to be promoted. Directly after the ceremony I got in the car and looked and my phone, 46 missed calls, all from DGMC...whithin an hour or so. My first resction was that it was some mess up with their automated phone system. Ironically, the next call was from DGMC and it was the "appointment reminder system" telling me about an appointment. So, I figured that was it. Less than 2 minutes later, another phone call from DGMC, interesting....I picked it up. Only this time, it was my doctor on the other end. He asked if I could meet him in his office. This was after duty 5:30pm. He should have been home already, but he'd been trying to get a hold of me. I asked if everything was okay, and all he said was "I'll see you in a little bit, drive safe." Now my mind is racing....what's really going on? Maybe he can't be my OB anymore and I'm meeting him replacement....yea, that has to be it! I get there, and he sits me down, looks at me in the eyes and says, "I really don't like to bring bad news, and there really is no easy way to say this..." Mind still wandering.... "They noticed some issues with your U/S. Your amniotic fluid levels are barely above a 5, you should be at least over 10. Anything under 5 is not safe for baby. And baby, she's significatly slowed her growth down by 50%, and she's not meeting up with the gestational age properly." Wow! Shocker. Tears were rolling down my face, I didn't know what to say or do. He followed with, "I'm referring you to the specialists up in Sac to see what they think, and get an opinion from a perinatologist. Starting Monday, I want you to do to L&D twice a week to get NST/AFI's done to monitor baby, and I want you to come see me weekly, and the other doctor (HROB) once every other week. We're going to be very proactive." I knew from the moment he said those things that I had picked the best OB possible. Still, I couldn't held the tears from flowing. I was so scared. I was no longer just a normal pregnancy. I couldn't go run and frolic, I had to be careful. Suddenly my second "perfect pregnancy" that I was so sure I was going to have was slipping away. It went from being a standard normal pregnancy to "super high risk" in the blink of an eye. Yup, that's the day I'll never forget!

Now, I cherish my little girl. After all that, plus preterm labor, a scare that almost landed me having her at 32wks, and 2 admissions to the hospital before delivery...... She's happy and healthy and I couldn't ask for more.

What are the moments you'll never forget that are beyond our measure?

Cherish life today, and live for those little moments.....they'll be gone before we know it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Head cleared? Almost check!

So, I decided to take this week off for the most part. I had to work Monday to accomplish my weeks worth of work, which is hard to do.....everything in one day? Chasing people down, especially those who have tried to avoid me for weeks and weeks, get everything else turned in. Tuesday's report, Wednesday's report, Thursday's slides.... some people don't think I do anything.....but I'd like them to sit in my job for just one day. JUST ONE!

So, I desperately needed to take a time out, some time off. It's been a loooong time since I actually got to take some leave. It was only a week, because for some reason my management has a hard time any time I want to take more than that. *ugh* But, I had all these lovely plans I wanted to do....and what did I do? NOTHING! But, as much as I'd like to say I feel bad for not doing all those things etc, I don't! It felt nice to go out one night with my girls to see all the Twilights, do absolutely nothing the next day because I didn't feel to hot, and the following day Jayden stayed home from the CDC because he wasn't feeling good that morning, but by that afternoon he was back to himself, so we went to Target got diapers and some other things and he got to get his very own baseball glove. I don't know what it is lately, but this kid is in LOVE with baseball and volleyball. He'll even watch them on TV. So yes, I did nothing......and I don't feel giulty. My mind needed a time out.

Now, it's the weekend. A lovely 4 day weekend in honor of 4th of July! So, today we're relaxing for now....will probably go to babies r us because both Jayden & Emilyn need new strollers, and maybe do a little more shopping? Tonight is gymnastics, well open gym. Jayden always looks forward to that. It's his night every other Friday that he gets to spend with just mom and dad, and of course his little girlfriend. But it's also Sissy's time with Nana. So everyone wins in the end! Nana gets to spend alone time with Sissy, which she LOVES, and Jayden gets alone time with mom and dad, which I feel is super important when you have 2 kids....making sure each kid has their own time to feel special.

Tomorrow, who knows what we'll do. Maybe spend some time at the pool?

Sunday we're taking the kids to the parade, and then going to BBQ at my dads in the arly afternoon.....and hopefully go later on to the fireworks nearby.

Monday, hopefully get this house completely unpacked!

Otherwise, I went back to my doctor (well the only one that is left!) on Thursday. Still having a ton of pain from my C-Section...the first thing he said to me when I stood up was "You've lost weight haven't you? You look damn good girl! Good for you." I can't tell you how good that made me feel. To have him notice and compliment. Not very many people notice, or it made my day, and almost made up for the fact that he just about made me cry when he pushed on my abdomen region in certain areas. I was literally on the verge of screaming/crying. It really hurts that bad still. Verdict? Because the actually had to cut my abs apart this last time, and a had a TON of scar tissue after Jayden, it's just going to take a lot more time to heal this time around. Possibly up to a year? *ugh* That potentially means 4 more months on my end. *YIKES* :

I guess, I really don't have too much to say here, I just wanted to post something before my weekend gets too hectic like always.

On a side note, anyone tried the in-styler? Does ti really work?

And does anyone have any good strollers for 2 1/2 year olds? Obviously long walks don't sit well with him. His short little legs get tired eventually......

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July weekend, and remember...thank your veterans! It is because of them that you enjoy the freedoms you do.