Thursday, July 22, 2010


Whew! What a long and tiring and exhausting week! It's been an exercise week for us. I'm sure anyone that is military, was military, is a military spouse, brat or otherwise knows what I'm talking about. So far this week I've worked 50 hours in 4 days, with no lunch. roughly about 12.5 hours a day....And the week isn't even over yet. I'm mentally and physically exhausted and just burnt out! I am definately ready for the weekend, and I sure hope tomorrow goes by quickly....

My backs also been killing me lately. Hardcore! It's been like this now for 3 weeks. Unless I take painkillers, I'm in massive amounts of pain.....and that's not fun. So, it looks like I'll be trying to get an appointment tomorrow to try and see the doctor.

Emilyn has been going to bed as soon as we get home this week. We've been letting Jayden stay up slightly past his usual bed time so that he gets in some play time and gets to see us for a little bit. It's thrown off his schedule a little, but I guess being a military family, you just learn that these things will have to happen every once in a while. The entire family learns to make sacrifices.

So, this week at school for JayJay was crazy week! Everyday was something different. Monday was crazy hair day. So we spiked his hair and had blue dye in it, and we had him wear a shirt that said Reality TV Star. I thought it was too funny with the blue hair. Tuesday was Jersey day! He wore a Niners shirt, and Emilyn wore a Niners Cheerleader outfit. I just thought it was cute to have them match. Wednesday was hat day, so Jayden wore a Yankee's shirt and a Yankee's hat! Today was mix match shoe day. So he wore a white shock, and a black shock....Of course he wore black shorts with white plaid, and a white polo. Had to make sure he was still fitted out! Tomorrow is PJ day. He's got Buzz Lightyear PJ's to wear!

I don't know what it is, but my kids always, ALWAYS, always have to be the best dressed all the way around. Everything has to match and go together. I've been like that since Jayden was born. When it comes to them, everything has to be the best. I'm not like that with myself.....but I am with them. And I know, I'm probably just creating monsters for then they get older.

I got my first pedicure the 4th of July was awesome! So, I went again last Saturday and got another one. It feels sooo good, especially after spending all week in boots. I'll probably go again this weekend too. I know it's only been a week, but after a week like this, I feel like I need one. It's a complete destressor for me. I can't believe I had never had one before. I used to go have my nails done on the rare occasion, but I just can't handle having the fake nails. I don't know how to function with any sort of long nail.....and I don't even get them that long. LOL. But a pedicure....that's right up my alley.

But, I think bed is calling my name! Early I know....but I took my muscle relaxer and some pain medication, the very last it's time to let my body rest for the evening.

I'm just waiting on the glorious phone call that says ENDEX!!!! Oh how that would make things amazing! I'm ready to go back to normal shifts.

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